5 reasons to enjoy a getaway in autumn

Although the summer months are usually the favorite months for traveling and vacationing, it doesn’t mean that the other seasons of the year don’t have their own special charm. In fact, a getaway in autumn is a fantastic idea to disconnect from routine and take advantage of the fact that the temperatures give us a break – neither the scorching heat nor the cold.

Corporate meetings

El Cigarral de las Mercedes proposes you to “disconnect to connect” through getaways or corporate meetings in a unique space such as our boutique hotel. Get together in an ideal space and live an unforgettable experience!

Puy du Fou: Toledo’s Dream

Are you planning to travel to Toledo soon and want to enjoy a unique spectacle? We have the perfect proposal: Visit Puy du Fou Spain! It is a new concept of theme park that seeks to surprise and leave its visitors speechless.

Summer getaway in El Cigarral de las Mercedes 2

Would you like to go on a getaway this summer? Of course it is! Travelling is the best way to get to know other cities, their cultural and artistic heritage, their culture, and so on. In Spain we have a great wealth of history, and wherever you go you will find places with history. For this reason, from El Cigarral de las Mercedes we would like to invite you to discover a city with magical places that will leave you speechless: Toledo.

Hotel with swimming pool: enjoy the summer at El Cigarral de las Mercedes

Summer has finally arrived and, with it, the high temperatures invite you to enjoy your leisure time, either alone or in the company of friends and family. Therefore, we propose you to visit the city of Toledo and, at the same time, spend some fun and relaxing days in a hotel with swimming pool. What are you waiting for to live a refreshing experience?

Corina and Dorin’s marvellous wedding

Corina and Dorin tied the knot here at el Cigarral de las Mercedes on Sunday the 19th of May 2019. Who would have known that they would get married when they first met on their friend’s birthday party that late night in Madrid?

El Cigarral de las Mercedes: Flower Pack

In our add-on brochure our brides and grooms are able to find a lot of different services and product that they can have they day of their wedding. In this special brochure they can find everything from show cooking, vermouth bar to our very popular flower pack.