Pre and post-wedding events: How to extend your wedding celebrations!

A destination wedding can be a wonderful excuse for guests to enjoy a much-needed vacation while celebrating their favourite newlyweds, but the logistics are always a challenge. But are the bride and groom expected to host a pre and post-wedding events for their entire guest list?

If your guests have travelled from a far distance to join in the festivities, they will likely expect to be included in all the pre- and post-wedding events — and as their host, it is your job to be as accommodating as possible. Remember that your guests have taken planes, trains and cars to this location specifically to see you tie the knot. Make your attendees\’ trip worth their while and plan on inviting all of your guests to the pre- and post-wedding events.

Our Boutique Hotel is a perfect fit for the celebration of more informal events. That’s why we have decided to present our most popular pre- and post-wedding event options.


Let our chefs prepare paellas of your choice and a fresh salad buffet for all of your guests. We will prepare this event in our lake area where you can enjoy the sunset while sipping on a glass of sangria. Why not add a flamenco group to make this Spanish pre-wedding evening complete?


Enjoy a BBQ with friends and family and try to kill the wedding nerves the night before the wedding. A pre-wedding BBQ can offer guests the opportunity to relax in a casual setting free from some of the formalities that will be associated with the ceremony and reception. And let’s face it, BBQ is always a success among the guests!


If you are looking for something a bit more formal than a BBQ, you can throw a cocktail party for your friends and family to make your wedding celebrations last longer Whether you are the bride or the groom, you can have a fun night – you deserve to have one, right before tying the knot.

Our cocktail party proposal consists of a dinner that ends with drinks, dancing and music. A tip is to have a curfew so you don’t get too bed too late before the big day.

There’s a lot of possibilities to make a memorable cocktail party. You can have a theme for the event, either for the food or how you want people to be dressed. Popular ideas are to have a colour theme, to have everyone dress in the same colour, or to dress up like in the years when the bride and groom where born. Or why not add a cocktail bar that only serve the drinks that are popular with your crowd?


An excellent idea for brides and her bridesmaids a few days before the wedding. Have a mini event down in our Beauty Center or in one of our Villas, just you and your most intimate girlfriends.

Enjoy massages, manicure or facials performed by professionals to get the ultimate relaxation before the wedding. While you are getting your outside taking care of you will have your best friends by your side to help you handle the stress and nerves before the wedding.


There is no better proposal than brunch for the day after the wedding! The post-wedding brunch is typically held the day after the wedding, acting as a send-off event for your guests. You don\’t want to make it too early, since, with any luck, your guests will be tired from all the partying they did the night before at your wedding reception. You also don\’t want to make it too late so their entire day is consumed by yet another wedding event.

This event is perfect to eat the left-over cake from the wedding as well as the delicious eggs benedict that the chefs will make for you and your guests.

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