Pre-wedding or post-wedding party? Discover the advantages

Surely when you have been to a wedding of really close friends or family, you have had the feeling that the day has gone through very fast and you have not been able to enjoy as much as you would have liked with the happy couple. Well, that feeling is greater when it comes down to your own wedding and, and that is why, more and more couples are opting to celebrate a pre- or post-wedding party, or even both.

5 reasons to enjoy a getaway in autumn

Although the summer months are usually the favorite months for traveling and vacationing, it doesn’t mean that the other seasons of the year don’t have their own special charm. In fact, a getaway in autumn is a fantastic idea to disconnect from routine and take advantage of the fact that the temperatures give us a break – neither the scorching heat nor the cold.

Corporate meetings

El Cigarral de las Mercedes proposes you to “disconnect to connect” through getaways or corporate meetings in a unique space such as our boutique hotel. Get together in an ideal space and live an unforgettable experience!