A Christmas wedding: 7 décor ideas to deck the halls

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas,
There is just one thing I need,
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree,
I just want you for my own,
More than you could ever know,
Make my wish come true,
All I want for Christmas is… you”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You could say that it is the quintessential Christmas song. And, this time of the year, if for anything is characterized by the musical atmosphere, Christmas lights, sweets, being with family and friends … If you are one of the lucky ones who has decided to get married at this time, continue reading for seven great tips for decorating a Christmas wedding.

At the Cigarral de las Mercedes we are passionate about winter weddings, and especially, the Christmas holidays because this time of year is all about magic and lights. Christmas weddings you can include unique decorative elements that would not be possible at any other time and that will definitely aw your wedding guests.

Decoration tips for a Christmas wedding

From Cigarral de las Mercedes we want to help you have a dream wedding with the Christmas decoration you have always dreamed of. Our boutique hotel stands out for offering a service full of details that will surprise everyone. Below, we´ll show you the best ideas to decorate your Christmas wedding!

  • The Christmas tree

There is nothing more Christmassy and that can´t be missed at your wedding than a huge Christmas tree. For example, at El Cigarral de las Mercedes we have a beautiful tree that will leave your guests speechless. In addition, it will be the ideal place to take pictures and keep an unforgettable memory with your loved ones. Another idea is to use the tree as a seating plan and you can even choose Christmas names for the tables.

  • The most typical Christmas colors

If you need ideas for a Christmas wedding, surely you are wondering what is the most appropriate color palette for decorating your event. And, in this case, the color scheme, can be in greens, reds and whites, but don´t forget shades of gold, silver, and gray.

A great idea that never fails is to incorporate on the table’s holly branches additional candles, for example.

  • Advent wreaths

Next to the Christmas tree, another typical decorative element of the Christmas holidays are the Advent wreaths. For this reason, in our boutique hotel we have decided to decorate them with details in different colors such as maroon, green, gold, white…

But we also wanted to add garlands for the different facilities, as in our fireplace, a room that will fascinate you with its magical and warm atmosphere.

  • Christmas lighting

If lighting is already an indispensable aspect at any time of the year, even more so when it is Christmas time. At El Cigarral de las Mercedes we love to create magical spaces with fairylights and spectacular garlands that will amaze you. In addition, another way to give warmth to your Christmas wedding decoration is though candles. You can place them in strategic places to create an atmosphere full of romance and elegance.

  • Plants and flowers

Don’t miss the opportunity to decorate your wedding at Christmas with the most typical flowers and plants of this time of the year, such as poinsettias, fir, holly, etcetera. And, of course, you can’t forget the pine cones since you can create beautiful centerpieces with pine cones, eucalyptus, fir branches, mistletoe and add candles, and lights… You will add a fantastic Christmas touch to your decoration!

  • Christmas candy

Who doesn’t like Christmas sweets? If you have a sweet tooth, you surely love turron/nougat, polvorones and, of course, the typical sweet of Toledo: marzipan. Therefore, we encourage you to set up an isle or table or even a Christmas market feel with the most typical Christmas products. Your guests will appreciate being able to refuel during the after party.

  • Gifts for guests

If you don’t know how to thank your loved ones for accompanying you on the most special day of your life, we have an original idea: personalized balls for the Christmas tree. This is a different gift that they will be very happy to receive and that will not end up abandoned in a sad drawer forever, they will always remember your wedding during the Christmas holidays! What do you think of these Christmas wedding decoration ideas? If you have any doubts, come and visit El Cigarral de las Mercedes and discover the Christmas atmosphere full of magic that we have prepared. In our boutique hotel we are eager to help you prepare your event with unique and special details.

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