Complaints channel

(Law 2/2023)

El Cigarral de las Mercedes wants to create an environment of transparency and encourage respect for the law and the rules of conduct that derive from the values that have governed the management of the business since its foundation by our management team, employees, professionals and suppliers.

To this end, the Cigarral de las Mercedes has a specific information system to facilitate the reporting of possible irregular conduct or potential illegal or unlawful acts. The main principles of this system are set out in the document “Management Policy for the Complaints Channel”, the content of which can be downloaded here. These are as follows:

  • Acting in good faith
  • Prohibition of reprisals
  • Confidentiality
  • Management of the system
  • Respect for the rights of the persons concerned.

Any communication or inquiry you wish to make on this matter can be sent by email to the address

If you would like to access the information system to make a new complaint or to follow up on a previous complaint, please enter here.