Christmas dinners: discover how to organize a winning event

Just like every year, with the arrival of December comes the Christmas season and cities and towns are filled with lights and festive atmosphere. And as tradition calls, the time company Christmas dinners also take place. Wondering if this is really something that interests your business. The answer is very simple: Of course, it is!

Therefore, from Cigarral de las Mercedes we want you to know all the advantages it will bring to both your company and your employees a Christmas dinner.

Advantages of corporate Christmas dinners

Surely, by now, you are already considering whether you should book your company Christmas dinner, and surely you are also wondering if it is really favorable. Undoubtedly, this kind of festive gatherings with co-workers as well as top managers are an excellent idea to make your business run even better than it has been so far.

These are the benefits of Christmas dinners for your company:

  • Improve relationships between colleagues. This will improve the work environment, which will contribute to an increase in their performance.
  • It favors teamwork because it helps build trust among employees.
  • It establishes a close relationship with senior management, which generates a feeling of belonging to the company.
  • It will help introduce and integrate new members of the company.
  • In short, it is a fun and festive environment in which they can forget about routine and do mingling in favor of team building.
How to organize a Christmas dinner in your company?

It´s a very special night in which all the attendees will be dressed in their best attire and will be ready to have a good time. Hence, the importance of taking care of even the smallest of details.

If you are in charge of organizing the company’s Christmas dinner, you should know what aspects you should take into consideration to be sure that the event will be just perfect:

  • Pick a date for the celebration and find a suitable space for the Christmas dinner. Once you have chosen it, make the reservation as soon as possible!
  • Create a list of attendees.
  • Choose a quality Christmas menu. At Cigarral de las Mercedes you will enjoy impeccable service and a delicious gastronomic experience that will please your guests.
  • Take into account the ambiance of the place. Cigarral de las Mercedes will offer you and your guests a beautiful Christmas setting. The perfect scenario to enjoy the Christmas décor and lighting during your holiday dinner.
  • Don’t you want your Christmas dinner to end soon? We have available an open bar service for you and your employees to enjoy.
  • Why not stay after the Christmas dinner? Cigarral de las Mercedes offers 31 double rooms, 2 deluxe rooms and 4 exclusive villas where attendees can enjoy the relaxed, elegant and charming surrounding.

Now you know what you can’t miss in your next company’s Christmas dinner to make it a success. Do not hesitate to contact Cigarral de las Mercedes as we will be happy to assist you and provide you with an unparalleled service to surprise all your guests.

Come and celebrate Christmas with us!

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