Pre-wedding or post-wedding party? Discover the advantages

Surely when you have been to a wedding of really close friends or family, you have had the feeling that the day has gone through very fast and you have not been able to enjoy as much as you would have liked with the happy couple. Well, that feeling is greater when it comes down to your own wedding and, and that is why, more and more couples are opting to celebrate a pre- or post-wedding party, or even both.

Haven’t you heard of this fantastic idea before? If so, you do not have to worry, because at Cigarral de las Mercedes we want you to know what it is and what we can offer you as a venue specialized in wedding celebrations.

Pre-wedding and post-wedding party ideas

If you haven’t seen your family and friends in a long time, the idea of celebrating a pre-wedding or post-wedding party will be your best option. This way, you can enjoy their company before and / or after the big day without stress and have the chance to mingle with your guest who traveled near and far to celebrate you. At our hotel, you can enjoy the following options for the day before and after your wedding:

Cocktail party

An excellent idea as a first contact with family and friends, is to have a cocktail party. During the service, the couple and the guests will be able to taste a wide variety of starters such as homemade pizzeta, premium mini burgers, tacos, potato omelette, savory croissants, tuna tiradito… and much more! And all accompanied by a selection of drinks during the event.

BBQ party

A BBQ is always a fun plan to gather our loved ones, but if it is the day before or after our “I do’s” is even better. At Cigarral de las Mercedes, we offer you this service with which you can enjoy a selection of salads, meats, side dishes and delicious desserts that will leave your guests with their mouths open.

Pizza Party

If you like Italian cuisine, you will surely like to have in your pre-wedding party a dinner with pizzas of different varieties, accompanied by a selection of salads and an assortment of desserts. Enjoy your guests the night before the wedding without worrying about anything!

Paella Party

Who doesn’t like a good paella? Your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised and it is a great way to introduce your guests to the Spanish culture and gastronomy. On this occasion, we propose you to enjoy a selection of salads followed by a tomato salmorejo and a variety of paellas for every taste: arroz a banda with shrimp; arroz a la cazadora with meat and a vegetable paella. And, to finish, a selection of desserts so that everyone can leave with a sweet taste of your big day.

After savoring one of the most typical Spanish meals, why not surprise your guests even more? Take it to the next level and enjoy a private flamenco performance with professional flamenco dancers and music group.


After all the excitement and joy lived the day prior, you will surely wake up later than usual. If your idea is to say goodbye to your loved ones or simply offer a recovery farewell, this is an unbeatable idea for your post-wedding party.

Rehearsal dinner

If you want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, we offer you the possibility of celebrating a rehearsal dinner where you will be able to go through a rehearsal ceremony (ceremony coordinator, protocol and sound check) and finish with an intimate family dinner.

Best of all, in addition to a pre-wedding and/or post-wedding party, at Cigarral de las Mercedes you can also surprise your loved ones with exceptional views of Toledo, its comfortable rooms or villas and a delicious gastronomic experience.

Celebrate a two or three-day wedding and offer your guests a complete experience of our destination.

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