El Cigarral de las Mercedes: Flower Pack

In our add-on brochure our brides and grooms are able to find a lot of different services and product that they can have they day of their wedding. In this special brochure they can find everything from show cooking, vermouth bar to our very popular flower pack.

Our Boutique Hotel!

Our Boutique Hotel was born with the idea of offering all couples the greatest ease when it comes to organizing their wedding and, as we already know, one of the biggest headaches for the couple who move to another city to get married, is where host your guests the day of the event.

wedding feast

The courious trends of cooking in wedding feast in 2018

2017 has been a unique year for “Gastro” universe, in which we have enjoyed culinary surprises and we believe that the time has come to say welcome to new gastronomic trends to enjoy in wedding feast in 2018. The conclusion is that we will eat much better now. New year, new menu.