A Communion for the memory, what about a thematic party?

We are already in April, we have changed the time, the day lengthened finally, the clouds let the good weather pass. And the youngest ones, whether by age or dates, start to feel nervous, the
day of their first communion is approaching!

Dresses, suits, ties and headdresses. The most usual and classic option is the pompous and immaculate dresses for girls as a representation of purity and childhood; and blue or white sailor suits for children. This tradition in the dress code of the communions goes back to the 50s when they began to use sailor suits in some countries, although so no religious reason is known to explain the use of this suit. The social custom and the familiar taste caused that the sailors and the captains prevailed in the communions, and from the use of the habit has been established as a basic dress and almost obligatory in the first communion of the children.

According to the study of FUCI (Federation of Independent Consumers Users – SPAIN). The average cost of dress and suit including accessories is around € 200 for boys and € 260 for girls. Although there is a great tendency to appeal to dresses and suits provided by family and friends.

Another option that is increasingly having more followers are dressed with casual cut. In the latest trends we see dresses that have become a no floaty simple piece and with a band at the waist, a classic style that never fails. On the other hand we find a romantic and retro style, with long dresses reminiscent of the first decades of the nineteenth century. And the same for boys, a casual and modern style with a romantic touch, boys wearing vests or blazers plus a white shirt is one of the best options.

Just as clothing traditions have been changing over the decades and above all once the new millennium has begun, so has the way of celebrating that important day for children and their families. At first there was a sober ceremony and then a small meal with the relatives, it was a perfect party. But nowadays the situation is different, everyone knows that when more than one child comes together in the same room the only thing they pursue is playing and having a good time. The day of the their first communion is not a separate case.

A thematic Communion

Your son and daughter meets those cousins from the north and south, with a family he does not see long time ago and in many cases with his friends. This translates into fun and desire to run. One of the best ways to give to your children a life experience and a great memory of their communion day is make a thematic party after lunch/dinner. A box with costumes, that everything looks like their favourite series, magic animation, or if they are passionate about science, dinosaurs and microscopes will ensure an afternoon of fun, laughter and unforgettable photographs.

In addition to the decoration, the animation and the costumes with which the children will enjoy one of the best afternoons of their life, another option that they will really like is to add a candy bar where they can go from time to time to replenish energy between runs and games. Candies such as popcorn, nuts, clouds, cotton candy and two cans of natural lemonade and orangeade at their fingertips will be a plus in the thematic party of your children.

If you want your children to be participants in the organization of the thematic communion party, you could make invitations with their photos and have a design according to the theme of the party, decide the details of the invitations with the the youngest of the family will make that day even more special for them.

Our farm offers all these options. In the Cigarral de las Mercedes we have large garden areas where children can run and explore our corners developing their imagination disguised as pirates while the rest of the family enjoys themselves in the table. You already know that our team will advise you from the first moment when organising the event and prepare the thematic surprise party to celebrate the first communion of the children.

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