A wedding for every season

A wedding depends on the season of the year in which you choose to give the most important “I do” of your life. The reality is that, depending on whether the event takes place in spring, summer, autumn or winter, you will have to take into account different aspects. Obviously, it is not the same to get married in summer with high temperatures than in winter with cold and maybe rain.

In this sense, it is essential to choose a venue that can adapt to all kinds of situations and unforeseen events to ensure the success of your event. You always need to have plan B.

At Cigarral de las Mercedes we believe that your wedding should be as you have always dreamed and, for this reason, we have a wide variety of spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Keep reading and you´ll discover how a wedding should be for each season of the year, meaning, the essentials for each season so that everything is, simply, perfect.

Spring wedding

Spring is one of the preferred seasons to celebrate a wedding. If there is one thing that makes this time of the year stand out, it is its colorfulness and, therefore, flowers such as roses, jasmine, violets, peonies, sunflowers really standout. The ideal is to go for pastel shades, such as lilacs and pale pinks, but also cheerful colors such as green or yellow are to consider.

The downside is, at the beginning of the season, the days can be cold and rainy, but nature begins to provide an incredible show: the flowers begin to bloom and the countryside begins to look wonderfully green. Faced with the possibility of bad weather spoiling your day, it is important to have a venue that can adapt the event.

At Cigarral de las Mercedes we offer you outdoor and indoor spaces, such as the Salón de la Luz, the Pinar, the Mirador, the Casona, the Gazebo, the Porches, the Casa del Lago and the Pradera. The best of all is that at this time of the year both the bride and groom and their guests will be able to enjoy the natural environment in all its splendor.

Summer wedding

Summer is the peak season for weddings and, without a doubt, the good weather is the main reason. However, it is important to keep in mind that high temperatures can also be a handicap should be considered for your event. For this reason, it is always recommended to opt for afternoon/evening weddings to avoid the warmest times of the day.

In this season it is important to always have fresh water, soft drinks and beers available, but also to have enough shaded areas and other elements such as fans, pai-pais available for the guests. And, as a thank you gift, you can bet on useful gifts such as sunglasses, fans or hats. Your guests will thank you for it!

In the floral decorations you cannot miss roses, lisianthus, hortensias, or delphinium.

And as for colors, the most appropriate is white, although any color is ideal for summer weddings. Although a safe bet is pink or orange tones.

In addition, from the Cigarral de las Mercedes you´ll be able to enjoy beautiful and unique views of the city of Toledo, a location that will leave everyone speechless. Can you imagine saying “I do” at sunset and contemplating this unforgettable panoramic view? Make your dream come true!

Autumn wedding

Autumn is one of the most beautiful and romantic seasons to say “I do”, among other reasons, for the beauty of the landscape as the leaves of the trees begin to turn brown and orange tones. Undoubtedly, one of the strong points of an autumn wedding is its color palette and, therefore, the decoration of the event should be in these same colors.

This season of the year is ideal for rustic, boho or vintage style weddings incorporating boxes, pallets, old bicycles, dried flowers, plants as decorative elements. To achieve a unique and special atmosphere you can decorate the different corners with seasonal fruits, such as pumpkins, chestnuts, pomegranates, pineapples. It will bring great warmth to your event!

As for the most typical colors for your autumn wedding are brown, reddish and orange, but you can also add colors from nature such as green to create contrast. And, for the floral decoration you can’t miss orchids, gardenias, lilies, dahlias.

But, the most important thing is that the whole event revolves around your priorities and your tastes. And we know this very well at Cigarral de las Mercedes, because we believe that the most special day of your life should be organized according to your preferences and needs.

And, despite the fact that this time of year may bring surprise weather, autumn is the perfect time to celebrate a wedding, as temperatures are milder and more pleasant than in summer and, in addition, prices are usually more competitive.

Winter wedding

If there is something that characterizes winter is its low temperatures and, therefore, if a cold and rainy day comes out, it will be more than predictable. But, during this season all is not at lost, as it is usual in Toledo, that December, for example, temperatures can still be mild and pleasant and very sunny.

In this case, the most recommended thing to do is to celebrate weddings during the day to take advantage of the maximum hours of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Being one of the most drastic seasons in terms of temperature at Cigarral de las Mercedes we absolutely love winter weddings and we are very known for organize them.

Winter weddings are characterized by a magical atmosphere that can be accompanied by seasonal flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, peonies, tulips or anemones. If you want your event to be original, bet on adding cotton flowers and your wedding will look like a fairy tale. And don´t forget, we are experts in setting the lighting tone during holiday season.

What do you think of these wedding ideas for each season? From Cigarral de las Mercedes we hope they have served as inspiration to help you choose your favorite season. Remember that, no matter what, the day of your wedding will always be special and unique for you, the most important thing is that what ever time of you choose, you enjoy second of your special day.

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