6 ideas of wedding cakes to surprise your guests

If you are getting married, you will have realized that organizing a wedding is not an easy task, especially if your goal is to surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable experience. If there is something you cannot forget is to take care of the choice of dessert, because wedding cakes are as important as the rest of the menu.
If you do not want to neglect even the smallest of details, you have nothing to worry about. In El Cigarral de las Mercedes we know how to help you, because we have a specialized pastry service that will leave even the most demanding palates speechless. Below we propose 6 ideas of wedding cakes to succeed in your wedding.

6 ideas of wedding cakes to surprise your guests

Although wedding cakes have always been part of the wedding menu, the trends of previous years have nothing to do with the desserts we are seeing today. The reality is that there is a wide variety of cakes: simple, elegant, original, small, large, modern, classic
At El Cigarral de las Mercedes we can help you find the cake and design that best suits your tastes:

Naked cakes

Undoubtedly, one of the rising trends in terms of wedding cakes with which to succeed in your wedding. Despite their apparent simplicity, “naked cakes” conquer the bride and groom for their freshness and attractiveness. They are characterized by not having any covering on the cake, which gives them a boho/countryside air, ideal for rustic weddings or weddings in the countryside. In addition, this type of design allows you to appreciate the colors and textures of the filling, a sure hit!

Drip Cake

Another trend in wedding cakes is the drip cake. This is an original and very striking option, as it creates a dripping effect with the ganache. An ideal proposal for brides and grooms looking for a romantic dessert. As tips, bet on a tall cake to make the dripping look much better.


One of the most beautiful designs you will see in this list, ideal for those who love painting, delicacy and elegance. This type of wedding cakes inspires natural, wild and light. It is a very elegant and minimalist wedding cake.

Marble effect

Very similar to the previous one, a marble effect wedding cake is perfect for those sophisticated couples looking to give an original touch to their cake. The inside can have the filling of your choice, but on the outside the fondant-based cover has an effect that mimics marble and gives it an elegant look.

Geometric cakes

If your idea is to go for originality, you can opt for cakes with geometric shapes, whether circles, rectangles, hexagons… Whatever you like! Then, you only have to add the details that you like or that best fit, such as flowers, fruits, wild leaves … There are many options!

Ruffle cake

Another of the most popular wedding cakes for its elegance and special charm is the ruffle cake. This cake is characterized because the meringue that covers the cake has a wavy shape. It is a very elaborate design, but with a very colorful and refined result.

And if you want a completely different dessert, you do not have to resort to these wedding cakes, you can also choose other very striking, original and different options. For example, donut walls, macarons, mugcakes, crepes, waffles, a chocolate fondue (also an excellent idea for dinner)… are also in trend.
Which of these wedding cakes would you choose for your wedding?
Remember that at El Cigarral de las Mercedes we are experts in taking care and pampering every detail of your wedding so that everything goes perfectly. And our main goal is that you live an unrepeatable experience with your loved ones and the love of your life.

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