Discover the advantages of having a wedding in Toledo

Toledo is one of the most touristic cities in Spain and it is not for less because it has a great historical, cultural and artistic heritage worthy of admiration. But, the well known as the “City of the Three Cultures” has much more to offer. If you are getting married and you still don’t know where to celebrate the happiest day of your life, here are the advantages of celebrating a wedding in Toledo.
Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Toledo is a unique destination for both tourism and weddings. Yes, yes, as you are reading, because it has great virtues that will make you love it forever. Do you want to discover the reasons why you should get married in Toledo? Keep reading!

The advantages of a wedding in Toledo

If your dream is to say “I do” to the love of your life in a unique place with history, don’t hesitate any longer and get married in an unforgettable city. But, if you still don’t have it clear, from El Cigarral de las Mercedes we want you to discover all the advantages of getting married in Toledo.

1. Knowing one of the most beautiful cities in Spain

Toledo can boast of being one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and it has corners full of charm, in addition to its geographical environment around the river. It is well known as the City of the Three Cultures, due to the peaceful coexistence of Christians, Muslims and Jews, who left an impressive legacy in the architecture of the city.

2. The climate

The climate is ideal for a perfect wedding in any season of the year, because in autumn and winter it is a city with little rainfall, but with many hours of sunshine. At El Cigarral de las Mercedes we are committed to unique and magical events in which not even the smallest detail is missing. Our priority is that you have nothing to worry about, and therefore, we have enough foresight to have a “plan B” in case of possible inclement weather.

3. Local and regional gastronomy

During your stay in Toledo you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes from the city and the region, such as cochifrito manchego, arroz a la toledana, carcamusas and the popular mazapanes. In our boutique hotel, you can also taste exquisite recipes prepared by expert hands, as well as give your loved ones a first-class culinary experience on your wedding day.

4. Less than an hour from Madrid

Another great advantage of celebrating a wedding in Toledo is its proximity to the Spanish capital, just 70 kilometers away and one hour from the Adolfo Suárez Airport. This will allow you to take the opportunity to discover the most beautiful corners of Madrid and take the opportunity to shop in the city center. It will also be the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about the most typical and traditional dishes of the capital, such as the cocido or the traditional squid sandwich in the Plaza Mayor.

5. Contemplate the most beautiful night view in the world

From January Toledo has been awarded by the Japan Convention Bureau as “The most beautiful night view in the world”. And no wonder, since the architectural lighting of the city is carefully designed to appreciate every detail of its main monuments.
From El Cigarral de las Mercedes you will be able to contemplate the beautiful view of the entire city of Toledo and its surroundings. In addition, you can say “I do” to your partner under a centenary oak tree with the best panoramic views of the city. A dream come true!

6. Visit Puy Du Fou

If you decide to get married in Toledo, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Puy du Fou Spain, a new concept of theme park that takes you on a journey through 1,500 years of history. In addition, its shows with special effects, acrobatics… will leave you speechless! It is an unforgettable experience that is worth living at any age.

7. Enjoying the natural environment

Toledo is much more than its city, as it has an incredible natural environment where you can disconnect and rest after the nerves and stress of the wedding. In our boutique hotel we have beautiful spaces where you can enjoy nature such as the Mirador, the Casona, the Casa del Lago, the Pradera… And much more!
These are some of the advantages of celebrating your wedding in Toledo, but there are many more: live an unrepeatable experience in El Cigarral de las Mercedes. We are aware of the importance of this day in the life of the bride and groom, and therefore, we strive to take care of every detail of the ceremony, the banquet, the party and the accommodation.

Dream of your big day and make it come true!

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