El Cigarral de las Mercedes: Flower Pack

In our add-on brochure our brides and grooms are able to find a lot of different services and product that they can have they day of their wedding. In this special brochure they can find everything from show cooking, vermouth bar to our very popular flower pack.

Sara and Joso’s magical wedding!

At El Cigarral de las Mercedes we like to surprise the wedding guests but also the Bride and Groom. It was a great challenge for us to surprise this bride as she knew our estate especially well, but we succeeded in the end.

Our Boutique Hotel!

Our Boutique Hotel was born with the idea of offering all couples the greatest ease when it comes to organizing their wedding and, as we already know, one of the biggest headaches for the couple who move to another city to get married, is where host your guests the day of the event.

Your wedding in Toledo - Cultural offer

Your wedding in Toledo is “hattrick”: tourism, culture, leisure and Madrid

Marrying outside your country and doing it in Toledo (Spain) never gave you so many possibilities. Toledo is the city of the three cultures; The coexistence of Muslims, Christians and Jews for centuries has given this city a unique cultural and architectural wealth in the whole world. The historic center of Toledo is the second largest in the world after Rome and leisurely walks through its narrow streets will make you travel back in time.